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High Current PCB Connectors

PCB Mounted High Current Terminals Catalog

IHI's line of High Current PCB Connectors is helping PCB engineers around the World to achieve high current wire to PCB terminations which are compact, durable and field wiring friendly. Reusable and using only common hand tools, the screwdriver or hex key wrench, these industrial quality connectors are the solution to the challenges of mechanical and electrical anchoring of large wires to a PCB.


What is "high current" for a high current PCB connectors? For most applications 15-115 amps per wire will suffice and high current PCB connectors in this current range are readily wave solerable for both high and low volume production. IHI has solderable PCB Terminals for up to 285A (B300-PCB). Higher currents are available via unique IHI spring bolt mounted lugs and solderable bus staples covering currents of several hundred amps.


It should be said that the PCB traces may become quite wide for high currents but the addition high current PCB shunts, jumpers and bus links can augment higher copper foil weights and double sided foil strategies.


High current PCB connectors are an essential part of harnessing the power of PCB mounted, high current semi-conductors and PCB mounted fuse boards, power distribution boards, and power line conditioning including spike protectors and lighting arresters.

IHI's High Current PCB Connectors have low micro ohm voltage drops, low (I^2*R) and high torsional and pull out strength.


Low resistance is provided by use of heavy copper current bus construction or thick section aluminum bus geometry both of which provide low I^2*R watts of heating while having self contained heat sinking from a generous aluminum body construction, with large surface areas for connector to air heat transfer.


For further information on PCB lugs see the PCB Power Connectors Technial Information Page.


High current PCB connectors are available in wave solderable form to cover the following wire sizes:


B12-PCB-S AWG 12-16 (25 Amps)

B10-PCB AWG 10-16 (30 Amps)

B6A-PCB AWG 6-16 (65 Amps)

B4A-PCB AWG 4-14 (85 Amps)

B2A-PCB AWG 2 (snug) -14 (115 Amps)

B2C-PCB AWG 2-14 (115 Amps)

B1/0-PCB AWG 1/0-8 (150 Amps)


Solder Free Lugs


S250-PCB kcmil 250 (4/0 AWG) (290 Amps)

S300-PCB kcmil 300 (320 Amps)

S350-PCB kcmil 350 (320 Amps)


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