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14257-45-150 45° THT PCB Shunts and Jumpers 40-57 AMPs

High Current PCB Shunts and Jumpers. For high current PCB applications it is necessary to move current to a location where the foil weight or trace width may not be adequate. IHI High Current Shunts and Jumpers are stock items. Hot spots can be alleviated by using an IHI shunt as a current path: a heat sink and a interlayer bus carry current through the PCB. Also useful for current sensing loop primary.
THT PCB Application Only
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THT Application Only

AMPS Penetration & Cross Section Dimensions LxWxH


500+ pcs


"full box" $0.18

14257-45-150 45 degrees PCB shunts and jumpers 40-57 AMPs

14257-45-150 45 degrees PCB shunts and jumpers 40-57 AMPs

40-57A AMPs

(US Inches)
0.15" pen.


dimensions diagram


A: 0.57" (14.4mm)

B: 0.28" (7.0mm)

C: 0.52" (13.2mm)

D: 0.05" (1.3mm)

E: 0.15" (3.8mm)

See Mechanical Drawing for detailed dimensions

3.8mm pen.


PCB Shunts and jumpers; Solid copper with high solderability, tin plating for wave and reflow, soldering pitch of legs is controlled for consistent insertion into THT PCB holes/slots. Arches type for jumping over component or current looping. International Hydraulics Inc.
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RoHS 10/10

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• THT Wave solderable or SMT solderable these all copper devices are able to pass high current levels from layer to layer as well as to bridge a gap in the current path.

• Compatible with THT / SMT /SMD PCB applications

• IHI High Current Shunts and Jumpers are 100% copper with tin over nickel barrier for high soldering temperatures found in lead free soldering.

• All PCB Current Shunts and Jumpers are RoHS and REACH compliant as well as lead free.

• Current ratings are conservatively rated for low heat rise (I2R watts) with high currents.

• May be stitched together in the same via slot for chain type use to increase length or multiple current nodes.  

• Low profile types and arched types for when a current sensing winding is needed.

•  Expansion and contraction same rate as copper foils to avoid warping PCB.

• Available by the handful or thousands at a time from stock!


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• High Current shunting along the PCB

• High current shunting through the PCB – layer to layer

• Solderable localized heat sink for hot spot problems

• Lower I2R watts where foil is generating too much heat

•  Provide a current loop for current transformer coil.

• Provide a current reach bar for high current semiconductors connections in a crowded PCB layout situation

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