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4 AWG Metric Multi Wire Multi Barrel Mechanical Lug 4-14 AWG

Part No. Description & Information Purchase Options


4 AWG Lug

Wire Range Screw Type Bolt Size Mounting Hole Rating

1 to 64pcs
65pcs & up


"full box"

(3) 6-14 AWG
(2) 4-14 AWG 
3mm Hex Socket Screws 1/4" 0.28" dia. mounting hole CU9AL

3S6-2S4-HEX-M multi wire multi barrel lug (3) 6-14 WG (2) 4-14 AWG, stacker type, tiered lug, vertical lug, step lug

3S6-2S4-HEX and 2S1/0-HEX dual interlocking, stacking, nesting lugs 7 wire application

pdf iconAssembly PDF

Dual/Interlocking Lugs

7-9 Wire Application


and 3S6-2S4-HEX-M

3S6-2S4-HEX and S1/0-HEX dual interlocking, stacking, nesting lugs 7 wire application

Dual/Interlocking Lugs

6-7 Wire Application


and 3S6-2S4-HEX-M


Hardware not included.

Lugs sold individually.

dimensions diagram


A: 1.62" (41.1mm)

B: 0.75" (19.1mm)

C: 1.38" (35.1mm)

See Mechanical Drawing for detailed dimensions

Note!!!   This part has a 3mm hex socket for use in metric countries.


"3S6-2S4-HEX-M" 4 AWG metric Multi wire lug, Five 5 barrel /wires (3) 6-14AWG plus (2) 4-14AWG wire class B/C, Grounding or Power Distribution or Power Collection Lug. Stacker type, two tier lug. UL Listed for General Use including grounding in dry locations. Up to Five wires (5 conductors) aluminum or copper wire, CU9AL, 90C temperature rating, one (1) 1/4" Bolt mounting hole , Voltage Rating: 600 V, 2000 V or to 35 KV (uninsulated) depending on application, Canada Certified. International Hydraulics Inc® brand. Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts. Stacking, nesting, and interlocking lugs permitted under UL White book ZMVV. Current and temperature rating subject to the lowest temperature rated conducting part in the assembly. Total current rating with 5 full size copper wires 365 Amp. 5 Metric (3mm) Hex socket screws.


drill your own mounting holes

DIY Mounting Holes™: Cat. No. S6-4 Style No. ALL

Canada and UL permitted field modification by customer per the Drill your own™ Guide for Field Drilling Mounting Holes and the 3S6-2S4-HEX-M Print


IEC grounding sybol





Wire connectors are intended for use in installations covered by ANSI/NFPA 70, ‘‘National Electrical Code’’ (NEC), and should be installed using the prescribed manufacturer’s installation instructions.

"Stacking of connectors (multiple connectors assembled using a single bolt, nut and washers) may be permitted where mechanical interference is reduced or eliminated with the use of offset tangs, stacking adapters, and the like. The surface contact area of the mounting tang should make complete contact with the mounting surface or the previously stacked connector tang."


Ref. UL White Book ZMVV section


ZMVV UL Whitebook Installation Information


Cinco, 5 conductores. Gama de cable (3) 6-14 AWG & (2) 4-14 AWG, Cinco cables de aluminio o cobre, la calificación de la temperatura CU9AL, 90C, uno montar hoyo, UL Listó, Canada Certificó. 365 Amp. Marca IHI, hecho en US. 5 tornillos de cabeza hueca (3 mm) Hex métricas.

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Rated Torque Label

UL Logo
CSA Logo
UL CSA Certificate Link

RoHS 10/10

E129884 UL486A,B, ZMVV, Canada 22.2 No.65

Per Wire in Power Distribution or Collection Mode for (3) three AWG-6 PORTS:

65 Amp 75C Cu per Wire 
75 Amp 90C Cu per Wire 
50 Amp 75C Al per Wire 
60 Amp 90C Al per Wire

Per Wire in Power Distribution or Collection Mode for two (2) AWG-4 PORTS:

85 Amp 75C Cu per wire
95Amp 95C Cu per wire 
65 Amp 75C Al per Wire
75 Amp 90C Al per Wire

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