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Compliances & Certifications | Wire Information | Lug Information
Shipping Information| UL Information | NEC / NFPA Code | PCB Information


  Compliances & Certifications
• Conflict Metals Declaration
• Europe: CE Marking & EMC Information
• RoHS/REACH Ratings IHI Connectors
• IHI MSDS and Hazard Communication
• RoHS/REACH Ratings Brumall Mfg.
• USA Made Content Declaration and USMCA Compliances
  Wire Information
• Ampacity Chart of Copper conductors in air for copper PCB traces,
     shunts and bus bars Amps per square inch, A/in2, Amp/inch2
• Antioxidant Paste
• AWG, 'Aught MCM / kcmil and Metric Wire Calculator
• AWG, 'Aught MCM / kcmil and Metric Wire Chart
• Copper Ferrules Used on Stranded FLEX or Code Wire UL Inspected Installations
• Guide to approved FLEXIBLE (FLEX) Stranded Wire Lugs
• Listing of All Wire and Cable Stranding Types by Wire Class
• Torque Tightening Technique and Correct Torque Listings on UL and CSA Parts
• UL/Canada Permitted Standard Wire Classes and Stranding
• Wire Stripping and Insertion Depth Practices for IHI Connectors Lugs
• Wire Size - Diameter over the insulation Wire Insulation Thickness
  Lug Information
• Aluminum Set Screws FAQ
• Aluminum Screw Driver Tip Guide
• Antioxidant Paste
• Basic Dimensional Chart of Single Wire Lugs
• Basic Dimensional Chart of Dual Wire Lugs
• Basic Dimensional Chart of Brumall Ground Bars
• Bolt Torques for Mounting
• Bolt a 3/8" bolt lug to a 1/2" clearance hole in a busbar - mismatched mounting holes FAQ
• Comparison between Switchgear, Switchboards, and Panelboards
• Cross Reference Matching Chart for Mechanical Lugs
• DIY Drill Your Own Mounting Holes Instructions
• Dual Interlocking Lugs
• IACS Conductivity Chart for Electrical Metal Alloys
• Multiple Wires Per Barrel Information
• NEMA Mounting Hole Spacing and Bolt Size Standards
• PDF detailed Prints For Mechanical Lugs
• Screws - Marks and Folds in Cold Formed Screws
• Shelf Life and Storage Conditions for IHI Lugs
• Torque Tightening Technique and Correct Torque Listings on UL and CSA Parts
• Tork-Krimp FAQ
• Understanding Neutral Bars
• Use of Non-OEM Specified Wire Lugs in Place of OEM Specified Lugs on Transfer Switches Etc.
• Why Choose Aluminum (aluminium) Over Copper For Mechanical Lugs?
• Wire Stripping and Insertion Depth Practices for IHI Connectors Lugs
  Shipping Information
• International Orders & Shipping Info
  UL® Information
• 1000 Volt DC PV UL Approved Uninsulated Lugs
• 2000V AC RMS DC / UL486 Voltage For Uninsulated Lugs
• Ground Lugs Permitted Under UL 508A & NEC
• SCCR Short Circuit Current Ratings UL508
• Torque Tightening Technique and Correct Torque Listings on UL and CSA Parts
• UL/Canada Permitted Standard Wire Classes and Stranding
• UL & Canada Wire Range & Screw Torque Labels
• UL Standards for Insulators and Standoffs
• UL Temperature Ratings FAQ's
• ZMVV UL Whitebook Installation Information
• NEC Table 310-16 recommended Wire Current Ampacity
• NFPA 70 NEC Code Book (read free online)
• NEC Approved Grounding Lugs
  Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Lug Information
• 5/16"-24 Slotted Screw Driver Bit Guide (as found in the B2C-PCB parts)
• Aluminum Screw Driver Tip Guide
• FAQ and safeguards for SMT High Current Applications PRINTABLE PDF
• Notes on PCB Footprint Layouts – SMT/SMD Mode
• PCB Shunts and Jumpers Amp Rating
• PCB Shunts and Jumpers Info
• PCB Solderable Current Shunts, Jumpers, Zero Ohm or or Bus Bars
• Primer on High Amp PCB Wire Connectors
• Printed Circuit Board PCB High Current, Wide Trace Design Dos and don'ts
• SMT Surface Mount Technology Power Wire Connector Insights
• Soldering Recommendations for IHI Aluminum Sn/Ni Plated Terminal Lugs
• Soldering Temperature Profiles
• Surface Mount Technology FAQ's
• Temperature Range and Temperature Rating for IHI PCB Connectors
• Use of THT High Current Wire Connectors with IMS PCB

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